Brumby's Bakery Winter Treats

Brumby's Bakery Winter Treats - COOKIES!

Brumby's Bakery has recently joined with LINDT to create a new gourmet cookie for the winter period! I am very lucky to be able to try these hand-made and freshly baked cookies, sponsored by the team from Brumby's.

Specially delivered fresh to my place, I received these huge cookies and the first thing I did, well was to take some pictures before I quickly grab a bite. 


These chocolate cookie has a piece of Lindt chocolate button in the center and it was such a treat! The cookies ( I had two in one go) were delicious! Not overly sweet, they were crunchy and unlike the Subway cookies, they are not chewy, which is how I like them. 


I am not going to complain about the portion size! They were nearly as big as my palm!

I took some to work, and my colleague claimed it was pretty good! :)


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