Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Week's Break - Part 2

Stop 4: Cirque, New Farm

Finally, my housemate (G) is free from work and together, we went to New Farm for breakfast/brunch. G had been to Cirque once and she said it was OK and that day, we were going to give it another go!

Cirque, quite a small cafe compared to others. There was only about  five or six square tables inside and two outdoor tables. We got there about 10.40 am and managed to get a seat outside. I ordered a cappuccino first before deciding on the main dish.

Cappuccino - $3.50
Not too sure what I should order, I decided to order one of the specials of the day! G ordered the hotcakes instead. I always prefer savoury breakfast than sweet options. Nevertheless, both were yummy!

Poached eggs on polenta with prosciutto and some drizzle of truffle oil - $14 (maybe more?)

Buttermilk Hotcakes with blueberry curd + pistachio praline - $14
I have never tried polenta before and I think that it is quite delicious. To me, the texture is quite similar to mashed potatoes but with more 'kick' and flavour to it. The hotcakes were fluffy and the sauce was not too sweet. The pistachio praline added some texture to the dish, adding a bit of crunch! Considering the price, I think the servings were small for  their values. For about the same price, I get a bigger meal in Salt.

PS. Thanks G for taking these pictures!

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Stop 5: Fish Lovers, Rosalie

I craved for some chips that day and might as well try Fish n Chips from Fish Lovers. This shop is just opposite from Salt and Sing's Kitchen. I probably need to start exploring other suburbs now. Hehe! I got there about 2.30 pm and I was the only customer that time.

Fish Lovers

Fish and chips - $10.30
I ordered cod fish and I like mine crumbed. You can have it battered, grilled or crumbed. Besides that, I ordered chips to accompany the fish. I paid the meal with cash. Later, I decided that I wanted to try the aioli sauce ($1.50) and told the cashier (boss maybe?) that I want the sauce too. Digging through my purse, I realized that I have only $1 left !!!! Ahh, so embarrassing! Luckily he was kind enough to charge me just $1 (I don't think they will take eftpos for only $1.50). Don't you wish sometimes you have hidden some money in your purse? 

The fish was good! It was crumbed to perfection and the fish was still quite moist and not too dry. I was thankful that I ordered the aioli sauce - the amount of garlic was just right! The serving for the chips was huge, I could not finish them. But, I still prefer the chips from 'Salt and Battery, St Lucia'. Salt and Battery has the best chips ever!

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To be continued ...

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