Bella Cosi

Bella Cosi Modern Italian Restaurant, Chermside

Dear readers,

Well, I have finally return to the food blogging arena. The last few months had been crazy and no doubt, one of the most challenging time in my life. Maybe one day, I will elaborate more. But I am back here today to continue to do what I like: to eat, cook, bake and to blog about them!

Who can ever forget Valentine's Day? On the 14th February, I got whisked away to Bella Cosi for a surprised dinner. At work, people were asking each other what they will be doing on this special day, and I replied 'I don't know'. Anyway, if you know me, my usual catch phrase is 'I don't know'.


The Mr had already made a reservation long time ago and I thought he could not remember. Oops! Instead of having the set dinner, we ordered our own selected entrees and mains. To start with, we had the 'Pane della Primavera' ($12), which are Italian flat breads accompanied by beetroot dip and basil pesto dip. 

Pane della Primavera ($12)

Nothing very spectacular with the flat bread, it was quite plain and dry. I much prefer the basil pesto to the beetroot dip.

Next up, we had the 'Calamari' ($16).

Lemon Pepper Calamari ($16)

The lemon pepper calamari were lightly fried and not overcooked; served with fresh rocket, pear and parmesan salad. 

For the mains, I chose one of their signature dishes: 'Tajine', which had lots of seafood (Moreton bay bugs, king prawns, clams, black mussels, squid and fish) cooked in white wine, rocket, chilli and roma tomatoes. Luckily it came with garlic ciabatta. 

Tajine ($38)

The portion was so huge! I was a little embarrassed when I was served with a 'pan' on my side. I do not normally apply the no finger-eating rule and no exception for Valentine's Day (How does Mr withstand me?, I don't know). I was busy dipping my bread into the lovely sauce of seafood concoction. The seafood were all fresh and I was satisfied at the end of it. (Well, I did not actually finish the whole meal)

We could not go past the 'Patate Fritte', potato chips with house garlic aioli. I still think the fries could have stayed in the fryer for 30 seconds longer and they will be perfect. 

Patate Fritte ($10)

While I had the seafood, Mr had the 'Pollo', escalopes of chicken dusted in Italian herbs served on a bed of confit potato, artichoke hearts and crispy pancetta.

Pollo ($30)

His breadcrumbed chicken was very crispy and not dry as one would expect. It was quite good. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The meals were near excellent and the ambience was not too bad (just that the tables were quite close to each other). 

I went home happy and satisfied, with a complimentary rose from Bella Cosi.

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