Sisco, Spring Hill

It seemed to rain when MXM and myself go out for brunch. I remembered it was pouring when we visited The Burrow and it happened again when we visited Sisco. The weather was crazy and we had to run (sort of) to the warm shelter Sisco provided. 

I did not know the existence of this small little cafe until MXM suggested it. I love the simple interior design of this place, quite similar to Stomp Espresso actually. 



Trying to steer clear from coffee, I ordered their hot chocolate while MXM tried their iced coffee (Yup, even though it was raining!). 

Iced Coffee

Hot Chocolate

Well, I was glad I ordered something hot. You can't complain when there is a hot chocolate in front of you! :)


It was not easy to decide but in the end, I chose poached eggs on organic sourdough toast and house made HP sauce ($9.50) with the addition of buttered mushrooms ($4).

Poached eggs on sourdough toast with buttered mushrooms

I love their HP sauce! It was pretty amazing with its intense flavour. Each individual item was good on its own but somehow, I think buttered mushrooms don't go that well with HP sauce. I should have chosen sausage or chorizo instead, probably.

Salmon rillette on brioche with soft boiled egg and salsa verde

MXM had the salmon rillette on brioche with soft boiled egg and salsa verde ($16). Presentation wise, much better than my dish and I think they tasted delicious too!

Overall, I had a good time with a good friend. I wonder whether it will rain (heavily) when we go for brekkie again in the future?

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