Melbourne: Manchester Press Cafe

Melbourne: Manchester Press Cafe

It was my last day in Melbourne and my flight back to Brisbane was around noon. Not wanting to miss out on any brekkie that Melbourne CBD can offer, I quickly made my way to Manchester Press Cafe, walking under the rain (typical Melbourne's weather). I did not realise that I have walked past Rankins Lane for a couple of times while buying my skinny flat white from Brother Baba Budan (possibly the best coffee I had in Melbourne).

I got there before their opening times and was just waiting outside, snapping pictures away! Finally, they opened and I walked inside! It is huge with multiple sharing tables, huge poster hanging... I like it and was wishing that Brisbane's cafe has something similar.

Manchester Press's Menu

Reading through their menu, they offer bagels with the options of 'closed' or 'open' with a choice of wholemeal, plain, sesame seed or poppy seed. Everything look very inviting and interesting but I finally opted for a vegetarian option. I had the open-sesame seed-avocado and feta mash.

Avo, feta, chilli and mint smash with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts

Simple, easy and delicious! The bagels were toasted well, forming a good foundation to what the avocado and feta mash can offer. The mash was smooth from the avocado, balanced well with the saltiness of the feta and freshness of the cherry tomatoes. Yummy!

I had my usual skinny flat white:

Skinny Flat white

Their coffee was all right but I still prefer Brother Baba Budan's coffee. Well, they do have interesting foam art available....

I am happy that I ended my Melbourne getaway with Manchester Press. The service was a little slow at the beginning but it picked up soon. Otherwise, good bagels and coffee. I hope to be back one day!

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