Parkland Restaurant

Parkland Chinese Restaurant, Sunnybank

Not too long ago, I bought the voucher for 'All You Can Eat Dim Sum' for two people in Parkland Restaurant. I took SaC along for this occassion. Having heard from his friends who visited Parkland before, we can actually request for one piece of the dim sum (fried food) instead of the whole usual three pieces. Why you may ask?
So that we can try a variety of food without getting ourselves too full...

Scallop Dumplings
Mini Pork Buns 'Xiao Long Bao'
Seafood Dumplings in Soup

Prawn Dumplings 'Har Gow'

Garlic Chives Dumplings

Steamed Pork and Prawn 'Siu Mai'

Various assortment of fried food (spring rolls, meat dumplings, prawn with almond fritters and much more)...



Besides these, we tried their BBQ pork buns and other seafood dumplings as well. Their dim sums were actually pretty good. Their 'Har Gow' quite delicious, with a good thickness of translucent skin. Another notable dish was its seafood dumplings in soup, with mock shark fins. I much prefer their steamed dim sums than their fried dish on offer.
I tried their desserts including the mango pudding (too sweet) and mango pancakes (too much cream instead of real filling)...
Parkland was not as busy as Landmark and their service is much better ... possibly better food too, I think.

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