Friday, November 16, 2012


Spring, Brisbane CBD

'Celebrating Australia's Seasons'

Finally, exams are over and I have time for blogging...

I brought a special friend of mine to Spring in August for his birthday. Looking through Spring's website, I realised that they have changed to a new menu. 

Spring exudes a really nice ambience with its decorations and furniture. I love them!

For starters, we had the fresh baked bread with farmhouse cultured butter.

Fresh baked bread, farmhouse cultured butter $5

It has been months since we last visited Spring... I can still remember that the butter was really soft and fluffy! The bread was all right.

Following that, we had an entree:

Rabbit rillettes, drunken prunes, grissini $15

Prior to ordering, I had no clue as to what 'rillettes' mean until the dish was served in front of us. It is sort of like a pate, rabbit meat that had possibly been cooked in fat prior to being shredded. It tasted quite similar to chicken meat. 

A closer shot of the rabbit rillette with prune. It is interesting to taste the contrasting flavour of the salty rillette with the sweet and sour prune. 

Back to the mains now:

My friend had the wagyu sirloin while I had the crumbed chicken.

Wagyu sirloin, hand cut chips, Cafe de Paris butter $34

Crumbed organic chicken, sage, almonds, beans, buerre noisette $26

Not a beef-eater, I could not comment on the wagyu sirloin, however, my friend said that it was delicious. I had a taste of the hand-cut chips and they were pretty good. Not too bad!

Can you spot something? The chicken seemed to be shaped into Australia's map. Maybe it was on purpose? Anyhow, I think they have forgotten the almonds after I have finished eating the dish. The crumbed chicken was tender and quite moist, due to the buerre noisette (Wikipedia: brown butter). The beans were cooked to perfection and good company to the chicken. It was quite a good dish.

Both of us had a good time in Spring. The food was simple yet delicious, with good service and nice ambience.

I may be back!

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  1. I wasn't super impressed when I went to Spring. Kim M had just moved there from Urbane, so maybe I was expecting too much?

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