The Burrow

The Burrow, West End

The weather was insanely crazy on Saturday (17th Nov). Not having any psychic ability to predict the weather, MXM and myself made our way to West End for brunch. Just right at the corner before The Burrow, the hail and storm struck us! Should we abort the mission and wait for the storm to pass?

Finally, after sheltering in the car for 15 minutes, the sun appeared... It is time for some food!

The Burrow was sort of 'flooded' too with water dripping down and some tables were wet. Luckily, we found some seats and quickly ordered at the counter.

The Burrow's Menu

MXM had his long black while this time I opted for a cappuccino. 


Long Black

Their coffee is actually pretty good. After the rain settled, there was a long queue of people getting takeaway coffees.

Reading through the menu, I was tossing between the cider braised pork belly or the pulled pork tinga. Finally, I surrendered to the pork belly.

Little Pig, Little Pig -$17
Cider braised pork belly served with celeriac puree, fried egg,
poached pear and apple jelly

Presentation wise, it is really appealing with the myriad of colours. However, I was really disappointed with my pork crackling. It was superbly burnt! Back to the flavours now: the pork belly was braised beautifully and I like the celeriac puree. However, I think the sweetness from the poached pear have overpowered the pork belly. 

My burnt crackling.... :(

MXM had the braised beef cheek:

A Bit Cheeky -$17
Braised beef cheek with mushroom duxelle and poached egg
served with sunflower rye toast and red wine reduction

In comparison to my dish, the colour was so not appealing at all. However, MXM commented that it was quite delicious. I will trust him... There goes the saying 'Never judge a book by its cover'.

It was a little hit and miss for me! Maybe it was due to the weather, but otherwise an OK from me.

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