Kotobuki, Kangaroo Point

Finally, exams are over and it's time for blogging! Wow, I can't believe what had been in my stomach during these pre-exam time. What's your comfort food during studying? Junk food, chocolate and caffeine are on the list for me! :)

Sushi is good too ...

And I recommend Kotobuki in Kangaroo Point. Seriously, you won't notice this place except for the long queue. I've been to this place twice and it's always good! 

First time with SaC and we tried:

Lion King - Seared salmon with crab stick, cucumber, avocado
This is my favourite so far and I've been ordering this on both occasions.

We ventured and tried their Kotobuki Roll. What's so special about this dish? They are like 'tempura sushi',  each individual piece is fried in tempura batter. It certainly is an eye-opener!

Kotobuki Roll- Crumbed Chicken with cream cheese and avocado

Next, the Spider Roll is on the table:

Spider Roll- Soft shell crab, cucumber, lobster salad dressed with spicy mayo

Besides sushi, we tried their rice and noodle dishes:
Top: Pork Oyako Don
Bottom: Noodle dish (can't remember it's name!)
Second time around I managed to try:

Chicken Teriyaki noodle

Chicken Teriyaki Noodle
I like their teriyaki noodle too! *slurps*

Ruby Roll: 

Ruby Roll- Fresh tuna with avocado, cream cheese and Japanese chili seasoning

Kotobuki's sushi is fresh and good. Have I said that they are cheap too? 

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