Zap Thai

Zap Thai, Kangaroo Point

Initially planning to go to Kotobuki again, the long queue however deterred me from doing so. Opposite to it is Zap Thai, which does look pretty deserted in comparison to the sushi-selling shop. Anyway, Simco and myself decided to give it a go!

Looking at the menu, we finally opted for the 'Zap Thai Pack 1 @ $35' which include:

Entree: Spring rolls and Curry Puffs

Both spring rolls and curry puffs were pretty good. 

For mains, we had one curry and one stir fry with the choice of either chicken, beef or pork. Haven't tried massaman curry before, I opted for the chicken massaman curry.

Chicken Massaman Curry

The chicken was really tender with pieces of potatoes and the nuts adding some crunch in this curry. I got no idea how massaman curry supposed to taste like but I think it was all right, with mild spiciness. This dish came with a bowl of steamed rice.

Our next stir-fry dish is a vegetarian pad-thai.

Vegetarian Pad Thai

It was not the typical pad thai I had before. The noodles were too fine and the flavour was just different. 

Overall, Zap Thai offers average Thai dishes (in my opinion). The curry and entrees were all right but I was a little disappointed with their pad thai. Nevertheless, good effort from them.

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