Little Larder

Little Larder, New Farm

Finally after exams (weeks ago), I had the time to de-stress and enjoy breakfast in Little Larder, New Farm. I can't believe it that it's more than a year since I last visited this place. Dragging Simco along, I introduced this place to him. It's pretty full even on a weekday. 

Not needing any caffeine after exams, I ordered their chai. Enquiring first whether it will be from chai tea or chai powder (they have both), I opted for their chai tea while a flat white for Simco.

Flat White

My Chai Tea
Satisfying cup of coffee for Simco! I'm sure it's blissful for him after weeks of instant coffee. :) As for my chai, it was all right (although it did cause some jealousy for Simco). No honey was served with my chai and I was hoping for some. 

Having tried their Eggs Benedict and Pesto Scrambled Eggs in the past, I wanted to try something different this time. Simco can't steer past the pancakes while the 'Fry-up' was asking for my attention.

Pancakes with grilled banana and real maple syrup -$13

Are those caramelisation or over-grilled bananas? They don't really bother Simco and he enjoyed those fluffy pancakes with maple syrup. 

Fry-up - $14
sauteed bacon, sausages, mushroom, onion, tomato and spinach on turkish toast

My meal is certainly a 'stir-fry of all those ingredients'! The moment I saw it, I felt so bad for having this 'unhealthy' dish for breakfast. The spinach and cherry tomatoes did not help reduce my guilt, especially with those crunchy pieces of bacons. Interesting meal but I would order less oily dish in the future.

Good effort from Little Larder!

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  1. Grilled banana on pancakes, how clever. I have all ways put them in the pancake batter.
    Looks yum though. A simple breakfast fry-up sets you up for a full day. No guild needed.


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