Stomp Espresso

Stomp Espresso, Holland Park

A day when I just want to escape from studying and after knowing that I was "shafted" to other hospital. It wasn't that bad actually because I will only be there for six weeks next year! After checking out the hospital, I came across Stomp Espresso and parking is available behind the cafe.

I love their decor! Stepping inside, the first object that caught my eye was the hanging yellow *my favourite colour* bicycle! Stomp Espresso is so busy on a weekend morning, with the communal table filled at each corner. The cafe offers simple breakfast (no kitchen) and the menu is up on their wall. 

Being so indecisive, I finally opted for their 'Avocado and hummus on rye toast' with coffee.

Skinny Flat White- $3.50

Avocado and hummus on rye toast- $8.50

It was a simple breakfast and it certainly didn't disappoint. The avocado was just ripe and the homemade hommus (maybe?) blends perfectly. I love it and tried replicating it at home with ready made hommus but it tasted very different. I need to learn to make hommus now!

Stomp Espresso is certainly an exciting place to visit but I hope they will start serving 'cooked food' in the future! 

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