Melbourne: MART 130

MART 130, Albert Park

Besides visiting my two beloved cousins in Melbourne, the other priorities to do in Melbourne is to eat! My cousin, ALec knowing that I'm a foodie, organised places that I should visit during my trip. He is awesome! Sometimes, you have the power when you are the oldest among the lot ... :D

After dropping off my bags at his place, we made our way into the tram and travelled to Albert Park. What can I say about the tram service in Melbourne? Efficient but a tad expensive in comparison to Brissy. 

Wow, I can't believe it that there's a train stop disguised as a cafe! It looked tiny from  outside but once you stepped inside, you'll be amazed! 

The first thing I wanted to try is Melbourne's coffee since everyone had boasted about how good the coffee are! So, my usual skinny flat white is up for order while my caffeine-free cousin ordered an ice chocolate.

Skinny Flat White
Hmm... Genovese coffee and there's Genovese in Brisbane too. Any difference? Maybe better due to the ambience. It was smooth and creamy with the right consistency. 

Iced Chocolate
What should I have for the main meal? Everything on the menu looks so tempting but unfortunately I can opt for one only. Trying to find something that is different from usual, I opted for this:

Poached eggs with chorizo and napoli sauce topped with hollandaise
It was amazing! I like the chunky chorizo pieces with the napoli sauce. They blended well with the perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Super yum!

Can't remember what ALec had but he said it was pretty good!

Cute little kettles!

Mart was my first pit-stop in Melbourne and I love it. It is definitely different from Brisbane cafe and trust me there's more after this. I wish I'm back in Melbourne while typing this...

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