Comfort At My Table

Comfort At My Table, Milton (again!)

Quite a while ago, I brought SaC to my favourite place for brekkie, which is Comfort At My Table (CAMT). It was a Saturday and wow, it was sure busy with two parties of expecting moms having Baby Shower. Even though it was crowded and busy, service was still acceptable.

Straying away from my favourite Eggs Benedict and SaC being a non-mushroom lover, we had a 'Pesto Scrambled Eggs' and an open omelette respectively.

But first up, a pot of chai for myself and mocha for SaC.

Chai with soy milk


Both of us enjoyed our drinks. This time they served chai in a pot instead of in a cup (from my last visit) and it was better since I get to drink a few cups from the pot. Awesome! SaC likes his mocha too.

Open Omelette -$15.80
Smoked salmon, shallots, parmesan, lemon zest, creme fraiche

Green Eggs & Ham- $10.80
scrambled with pesto, leg ham, tomato relish

Excellent meals from CAMT! The open omelette with smoked salmon was not too 'fishy' and there was a generous amount of it too! SaC enjoyed it a lot since salmon is his favourite. The pesto scrambled eggs were pretty good, although not as fluffy as the plain scrambled eggs. Love the tomato relish and I wish there was more then!

Overall, both of us had an enjoyable time in CAMT. I will be back! :)

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