Fish Kitchen

Fish Kitchen, Annerley

My new housemate, Klin and myself had lunch one day in Fish Kitchen before heading off to the fish market (really small market). The fish market is just behind the restaurant.

I visited Fish Kitchen once with my classmates after a major exam and we had a good time there. This time, straying away from the fish and chips meal (crumbed calamari, chips and drink included), I ordered the salt and pepper calamari while Klin had the scallops.

Salt & Pepper Calamari
The calamari was pretty good. The coating was crunchy and they weren't overcooked, matching the tomato relish that came with it. I tried one of the scallops and it was fresh.

We had a good time in Fish Kitchen. The food was pretty good albeit a little more expensive in comparison to some fish and chips shop. Fresh seafood but in smaller portions compared to others.

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  1. I had the calamari there last time and really liked it.
    And yes, that was one major exam.


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