Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Week's Break - Part 4

Stop 8: Mecca Bah, Fortitude Valley

I had a lunch date with two friends from the same hometown. Well, both of them are sisters and they are my mom's best friend daughters. =) It was decided early that we will be having Turkish food and Mecca Bah was one of the choices. Finding a parking spot in The Emporium on Saturday and during lunch time was a hassle. Finally, we found a spot somewhere two streets away!

Mecca Bah dips (Hummus, Labna and Baba Gannouj) and bread (3 pc) - $15
The dips were good! You probably need to order extra bread because there were some leftover dips.

Spicy Morrocan Tagine - Chicken with tomatoes, almond, sesame & honey $23
I think this dish was all right only. The flavour was quite mild and I was wishing for something more. For $23, I think it's pretty expensive. There was only two pieces of chicken (leg and thigh) with couscous.

Turkish pizza - Spit roasted lamb, rocket, yoghurt & sumac - $22 
The three of us agreed that the pizza is the best! Lots of lamb slices and finally I have my taste of sumac...

Overall, it was a good place to catch up with friends. The food was all right but maybe a little expensive for me. Just take note when you are drinking your water! The three of us realized that there was some dust or specks in our drinks (plain water). Probably because since it's outdoor and glasses were left uncovered. 

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Stop 9: Poppy Cakes, Fortitude Valley

Looking around for desserts and I suggested Poppy Cakes! 

Poppy Cakes is just around the corner in Emporium
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake - $4

Red Velvet - $4

Simone's Vanilla Passion - $4
One word: Yummy!!!
I liked the three cupcakes we ordered but my favourite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter! The icing reminded me a little of the Reese's Peanut Butter cups. =)

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  1. That Turkish Pizza makes my mouth water. What does Sumac taste like?

    Also thank you so much for sending my mom a postcard. It's really sweet of you.

  2. No problem Halley. I am happy to help out. That's a tricky question and I think I have to try more sumac in the future to really describe what it tastes like!